Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to recover deleted files from 
Hard drive on Mac OS X

     It is  possible that you would meet problems with a hard drive, that is, the data might be deleted by mistaken or got lost for some unknown reasons such as formatted or lost partitions. This may be caused of many possibilities like operating system crashing, a forcing shutdown, hard disk broken etc.

     But fear not: There often are ways to recover the data you thought was lost forever.
     Read on for how to perform hard disk recovery with data recovery software for Mac.

Recover deleted files from your hard drive Step by Step Tutorials

     STEP 1: Download & Install program on your Mac http://cleverfiles.com

     STEP 2:  Connect the hard disk and select "Recover" option in the first welcome screen.

     STEP 3: Choose the disk or partition to recover files from & select scanning method.

Quick Scan is most accurate for files that were deleted very recently and will probably miss a score of other files that lack this shallow trace. For this reason, Disk Drill advises you to use Deep Scan instead, where possible. Regardless of what happened to your disk and which file system was there before, Deep Scan attempts to extract every bit of data still remaining in any binary mess.

     STEP 4: If a file can be previewed, it can also be recovered. Make sure the recovery destination is outside of the hard disk you are trying to recover and than hit the "Recover" button.